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Rich Media


Dominate your brand’s impact across every screen with our newest cross-platform, responsive large format ad size. The Runner 6×1 runs in conjunction with the Crown to maximize screen real estate and places a powerful advertising canvas directly within the line of site of your audience.

Technical Specifications

Responsive 6×1 (IAB Lean) Unit

  • Dimensions
    • Desktop:
      • Min Size: 1500×250
      • Max Size: 1800×300
    • If also running on mobile:
      • Min size: 600×100 (phone)
      • Max size: 900×150 (tablet)
  • Max file size: 250 KB
  • Creative asset submission: Layered non-rasterized PSDs with high-res images, fonts, video if applicable (.mp4, .mov, or .avi)
  • Submission lead time: Minimum lead time for ad file submission is 10 days before campaign start.