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The Premiere is a full screen video takeover with user-initiated scrolling to capture content. Unit launches video (long form and short form accepted) and plays on continuous loop.

  • On load, unit plays a looping video (8-10 seconds, sound off) pushes the site content down.
  • User can select to play video full video, which plays main video, sound on
  • Upon “Close” the unit collapses to a 250 pixel reminder bar and skin remains in the side well of the site


LG V10

Technical Specifications

  • Required assets for template delivery:
    • PSD file indicating all states of the Premiere
    • Video file for teaser and main video (uncompressed .mp4/.mov 720p)
    • See Style Guide here for more details
  • Required assets if Future Designs:
    • Layered non-rasterized PSD assets (branding, imagery, logos, messaging, etc.)
    • Video file for teaser and main video (uncompressed .mp4/.mov 720p)
    • Fonts
    • Brand guidelines
  • Submission lead time: Minimum lead time for ad file submission is 10 days before campaign start.