Mobile, Rich Media, Native


The Newsreel, a high impact unit, allows partners to align their brand message directly with relevant site content. The experience is seamless, thus native, to the sites layout and is supported on both desktop and tablet devices.


HP LaserJets

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 970×250 (expanded) with 380×230 (leave-behind)
  • Max Videos: 5 videos
  • Max Initial File Load Size*: 10 KB
  • Max Polite File Load Size: 50 KB
  • User-Initiated File Load: 400 KB
  • Assets Needed: High resolution layers PSD, video files (.avi, .mov, or .mp4), fonts
  • Load details: Pure HTML/ CSS loaded asynchronously
  • Minimum Required Controls: Close X collapses ad from 970×250 expand back to 380×230 Leave-Behind

  • *Initial file load: Includes all assets and files necessary for completing first visual display of the Ad

Animation/ Video Guidelines:

  • Initial frame is visible for up to 3 seconds before flipping to reveal articles and Leave-Behind
  • Video autoplays without sound when user expands leave-behind (unless otherwise noted)
  • Can accept any video length and size


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