Half Page (300×600)



Purch serves standard ad units. Standard ads are comprised of industry standard files (gif, jpg, png, HTML5). These ad units are available across all Purch sites and reach a broad audience.



Technical Specifications

  • Initial Dimensions: 300×600
  • Maxium Expanded Dimensions: Expansion not allowed for this unit. For 728×90 Expandable specs click here
  • Max Initial File Load Size*: 80 KB
  • Host-Initiated Subload: Not allowed for this unit
  • Animation/ Video Guidelines (See video notes below): 15 sec max length; Video not allowed for this unit.
  • Z-Index Range: 0 – 4,999

  • *Initial file load: Includes all assets and files necessary for completing first visual display of the Ad

General Ad Requirements:

  • Interest-Based Advertising (IBA): Include IBA self-regulation controls for ads using behavioral targeting (5 KB max file size)
  • Audio: Must be user-initiated. To allow for audio initiation in videos without player controls, a control may be included for user to initiate audio.
  • Hotspot: Not to exceed 1/4 size of ad. Initiated when cursor rests on hotspot for at least 1 sec. Must NOT initiate audio.
  • Defining ad space: Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).
  • Max CPU: ad not to exceed 30% CPU usage during host-initiated execution.
  • Submission lead time: Minimum lead time for ad file submission is 6 days before campaign start.
  • Max number of host-initiated file requests: ad not to exceed 15 file requests during initial file load and host-initiated subload. Unlimited file requests allowed after user-interaction.


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